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Get the perfectly defined eyebrows!     

Our Adjustable Perfect Eyebrow Stamp with the 2-step application is a revolutionary item to create a beautiful, evenly shaped, and natural-looking eyebrow for you in seconds!

These realistic brows with highly pigmented powder are waterproof and smudge-proof, which keeps up to a 24-hour flawless, natural look without any retouching!

Simply adjust the arch on the stamp, it allows smooth and precise application to easily fill in sparse areas, so you can enjoy perfect brow style anywhere and anytime!


Natural Full Eyebrows:

Instantly volumizes sparse areas and creates a beautiful, evenly shaped, and natural-looking eyebrow in 5 seconds.

Waterproof & Smudge-Proof:

Highly pigmented powder with long-lasting effect perfectly stays for 24 hours even on super oily skin. Perfect for daily or party makeup.

Adjustable Arch:

With 3 natural colors to choose from, simply adjust the stamp to fit the shape of your own eyebrows. No mess, no stress!

Hassle-Free Application:

Unlike traditional eyebrow pen or powder which requires shape and fill separately, it only needs 2 steps – press and place, with the smooth, hassle-free application, for make-up beginners to professionals.

Exquisite Brow Defining:

Fill, Shape, & Define Your Brows – all in one press, especially for sparse brows or anyone looking to create brows


Only 3 steps to getting a perfect eyebrow shape! 


1 x Brow Powder

2 x Brow Stamp(1 for right & 1 for left)


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