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With the tool that easily and quickly grips the elastic ribbon, drawstrings, and cording.

 The clips have special teeth that grip securely and are held tight with a sliding ring.

Suitable for changing or adding drawstrings, such as sports pants, yoga clothes, hoodies, jackets, sweatshirts, etc.

It is also a practical tool for DIY craft lovers

Main Features

✅Save Time And Energy:

The flexible rope threader can help you save a lot of time, provide a lot of convenience and practicality, and will not damage your clothes.

✅Wide Range Of Applications:

The threader can easily and quickly grasp the elastic for threading rope, elastic, yarn, shoelaces, etc

Suitable for various multifunctional sewing crafts, a good helper in daily life.

✅High-quality Materials:

It is made of metal material, which is not rusty, not easy to bend, and is wear-resistant. 

It is an essential tool for daily home use.

Easy to use, can be used for a long time, make your craft work easily and quickly.

✅Easy To Carry :

It is light in weight, small in size, and does not take up space.

It can be carried with you in your pocket or backpack.

 It also solves the need for quick rope threading in case of emergency rope replacement.

Using Methods

Move the ring, loosen the clip part of the rope threading device, clamp one end of the rope, then move the ring, and tighten the clip, you can wear the rope, wear the elastic band.


Product Weight
  • 5G
Product Size
  • 8cm
Package Contents
  • DIY Rope Threader Clip × 1 pack (1pc)
  • Metal

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