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PORTABLE LIFT AID – Lift Anyone From Seated To Standing With Ease


Providing a safe way to assist patients and loved ones when standing up from a sitting position.

Use Portable Lift Aid to safely exit chairs, recliners, sofas, or cars and to provide additional assistance in bathroom settings.

Handle adopts an ergonomic design to provide greater leverage.

The diameter of the ergonomic handle is 4.3 inches, which can be comfortable to hold for any hand size.

The ultra-lightweight lift aid is made of sturdy composite material.

​While this device has been designed with at-home use in mind, you’ll also be able to use it in the car or outdoors.


Richard W.

Get Two; One for the Home, One for the Car

“I could not believe how easy this device is to use. You have the person sitting down grab the two slots on one side and you grab the other two slots. Lean back and as you do, ask the other person to pull on the handle. Walla, you have lifted them very easily without hurting your back. It is wonderful and you can lift them quickly. Great device..I ordered three. Get them while you can. Great gift for those elderly trying to get up out of the chair, etc.🙂”

Peter C.

EVERY home needs at least one, YOU NEVER KNOW WHAT MIGHT HAPPEN!

As I age, getting up is more of a challenge each day. I need chair arms to push off and if I don’t have them, may end up stuck and need help. Also in light of upcoming surgery that will compromise my abdominal muscles during recovery I was eager to have something that would minimize the discomfort but allow my helper to pull me up. I’m quite overweight but my helper was able to pull me up with ease.”

Connie S.

Great tool for helping my husband up when he falls in the house!

My husband is 85 and I am 78. My husband had a hip replacement and kept falling. This tool is so wonderful I can pick my husband up by myself…I no longer have to call 911. Thank you for inventing this fabulous helper!!!🙏”

William H.

Have given three of these as gifts!

“I bought this a while ago and put it away still in the box. Last night a family member fell and couldn’t get up.🤯 I remembered that I had bought this device. It worked great!!! This is the kind of item you don’t need until you do need it.😉”

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