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The Spider Catcher is a High QualityPerfectly Designed tool for your house and garden to help you remove any insect from your house safely!

Its size and weight allow it to be taken on holiday, to a new adventurous location, or just to stay at home.

This Catcher can be easily stored in your house while also being out of sight out of mind till it is needed.

Most importantly the Spider Catcher is easy to use. It can also hang onto any hook, making your day as efficient as possible!

The Spider is securely locked into place once you grab it from a safe distance. Did we mention this device doesn’t harm the insect at all during the process!

Once you have caught the bug it can’t escape and will stay in place until have gone outside where you can easily let it go.

We see this as a vital component to our customers as arachnophobia is a common and serious problem.

Here at Spider Catcher, we have focused our full attention on perfecting this tool so that it combines simplicity with safety for our clients.

We hope you’ll enjoy the Spider Catcher as much as we do!

Feature: Strong and durable, Lightweight, easy to use

Ideal for: catching spiders, roaches, scorpions, flies, crickets, stink bugs, etc.

Application: home, garden


Pest Type: Spiders

Model Number: aa

Product name: Spider Catcher

Color: Green

Size: 65 x 13.5 x 6cm

Weight: 160g

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